gilan university
gilan university
gilan university

Thesis in Rasht: Rasht city and Gilan province is one of the greenest cities in Iran.

There are various free and public universities in the city.

Over the years, the Caspian Institute has implemented various research projects with these universities.

Therefore, while having a correct understanding of the needs of students in this field, we are also very familiar with the industries of the province.

Caspian Institute services for students of Rasht universities

Caspian Institute provides the following specialized services for students of Rasht universities:

  • Advising on student dissertations
  • Consulting and doing and publishing student articles along with standard designs
  • Market research and implementation of research projects for the province’s industries
  • Implementation of various student proposals based on the needs of industry and academia
  • Thesis chapters for students of Rasht universities

The dissertation chapters of Rasht universities, like other universities, are in the following categories:

  • Chapter One Generalities of Research
  • Theoretical foundations and research background section are presented in the second chapter.
  • The research methodology that examines the tools and methods of data analysis.
  • Data Analysis Chapter Four
  • Conclusion and presentation of suggestions are presented in the form of the fifth chapter of the dissertation.

Universities under the auspices of the Caspian Institute

As mentioned, the Caspian Institute has collaborated with various universities:

  • Guilan State University
  • Gilan Medical Sciences and Health Services
  • Islamic Azad of Gilan

contact us:

Dear students, in order to use the services of the Caspian Institute, you can call the following phone number for advice:

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