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European Thesis
European Thesis
European Thesis


Writing a dissertation on European universities: One of the most important concerns of immigrants from Iran is to continue their postgraduate studies in European universities.

Not knowing the standards of these universities on how to conduct research projects sometimes leads to problems for students.

In this regard, in this section, we have tried to provide standards and important issues that you should consider in the implementation of research projects.

Fraud and research projects

آنچه در این صفحه می خوانید (همه سوالات و نیازهای شما را پاسخ داده ایم) :

One of the correct strictures of European universities in the field of fraud and non-compliance with copyright principles.

Due to the fact that this field has not received much attention in Iran, sometimes students write their work with the same view.

However, in this regard, it is necessary to be very careful not to copy.

Be sure to give a reference and be sure to mention your impression of the articles.

References in dissertations

Some students mistakenly copy their dissertation designs from Iranian articles and dissertations.

Then, by translating these sections, they present the same text to the university, thinking that the case of scientific fraud cannot be detected

This is while, firstly, domestic dissertations and articles often do not comply with the standards, and secondly, there are many references to these internal articles that are not acceptable for foreign and European universities.

How to write in Iranian style

Iranian style of writing a dissertation is completely different from European styles.

In European and American dissertations, the expression of the problem is in two paragraphs and most of the author’s perception.

Meanwhile, Iranian dissertations choose a 2-page volume full of references as a statement of the issue.

The research methodology of European dissertations is very practical and simple.

In Iran, however, very complex and high-level methods are chosen for dissertations, while there is no need for this amount of work due to limited data.

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