Industrial engineering thesis

Industrial Engineering Thesis
Industrial Engineering Thesis
industrial engineering

Industrial Engineering Thesis: In this article, we try to examine all the dimensions needed to do a strong dissertation in the field of industrial engineering.

In order to better understand the research projects in the field of industry, we have provided the following:

Industrial Engineering Thesis

The dissertation is a research project that students of different disciplines must submit after passing the theoretical course.

Each dissertation starts with a question design and students should look for the answers to these questions.

Therefore, students in the field of the industry should choose the subject based on the existing issues and questions.

Various topics have been presented for the field of industrial engineering, and in this article, we will address some of these topics.

Doing industrial engineering dissertation

Writing industrial engineering dissertation
Writing industrial engineering dissertation

One of the research fields for master’s and doctoral students is in the field of industrial engineering dissertations.

In fact, in this section, students must submit their dissertation after graduation.

Industrial engineering credentials are done in industrial fields and similar subjects.

To do an industrial engineering dissertation in the first step, a suitable topic in this field must be selected.

Bachelor Thesis in Industrial Engineering

The field of industrial engineering is also taught at the undergraduate level in some Iranian universities.

Undergraduate students must submit their research projects at the end of the course.

These projects are less research and more field and focus on operational areas.

Industrial students choose topics for their industrial projects and report on them mostly as internships.

Master Thesis in Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is offered in many industrial universities of Iran in the form of master’s degrees.

Students in industrial engineering are introduced to more advanced topics in industrial engineering.

The most important topics in this field are mathematics and research in operations and multi-criteria decision-making methods.

Therefore, students of the industry after choosing theoretical courses must choose one of the related topics.

Writing a PhD dissertation in industrial engineering

Industrial engineering is also offered at the doctoral level.

In this course, students are introduced to the basic and theoretical topics related to the industry.

Field studies and research projects are presented at a higher level in this section.

At this stage, students must work on their dissertation after completing theoretical courses.

This is a concern for many students in this field.

Thesis topic Industrial Engineering

One of the important concerns of students in the field of industrial engineering is choosing the right topic.

Industrial engineering is one of the disciplines in which a large number of articles are published every year.

Most of the topics presented in this course are related to industrial topics.

Therefore, while studying new articles, students in this field should choose their topics based on the latest articles.

Research Topics and Proposals of Industrial Engineering Thesis

Industrial students must first submit a suitable topic for their dissertation.

These topics should be tailored to the levels of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.

In the following, we have tried to present some new related topics in this field.

The subject of the final project of Bachelor of Industrial Engineering

In this section, we have presented some suggested topics suitable for undergraduate student projects of industrial students:

  • Investigation of production processes of Tehran Cement Company based on process analysis
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of production systems based on goal-based management in company x
  • Measuring the productivity of the company’s production line based on the apqc model
  • Study of a decision model in industrial company x based on dynamic analysis

Subject of Master Thesis in Industrial Engineering

In this section, we have tried to present some suitable topics of industrial engineering at the senior level:

  • Role-playing game help: The benefits of using social media in response to disasters
  • Extraction of patterns in medical data to predict opioid overdose
  • Optimization methods for maintaining complex systems
  • Collaborative robotic path planning for industrial spraying operations in complex geometries
  • Multi-objective proximity savings algorithm to improve processes in centralized warehousing operations
  • Prioritize, allocate, and plan barges during inland waterway disruption reactions
  • Classification of interdependencies in the vital food and agriculture infrastructure sector
  • Modeling and methods for solving non-traditional network flow problems with complex constraints
  • Optimal allocation of resources in the growth of reliability
  • Quantitative methods for solving problems in the location and provision of facilities
  • Demonstrate set-based design techniques – UAV case study
  • Convergent set-based design in integrated alternative options analysis: Engineered elastic system design

Subject of PhD thesis in Industrial Engineering

In this section, we have tried to present some topics that can be proposed for the doctorate in industrial engineering:

  • Supports operator reliance on automation through continuous feedback
  • Risk optimization with p-order conical constraints
  • Statistical analysis and online detection algorithms for change in real-time psychophysiological data
  • Application of computational intelligence in modelling and optimization of HVAC systems
  • Evaluate and quantify the behaviour and visual workload of drivers at asymptomatic intersections
  • Eye-tracking criteria for estimating workload in flight deck operations
  • Monitoring and detection of process defects and sensor defects in manufacturing processes
  • Avoid ambiguity in energy-efficient investment decisions
  • The length of the turn line for different roads is determined by speed and evaluation criteria
  • Reliability modelling for linear sensor systems
  • Antenna quality assurance for Mars Express
  • Study of simulation of maintenance forecasting policies and how they affect production systems
  • An auxiliary search strategy for urban search and rescue robots
  • Health care analysis of Six Sigma methods in a classification system
  • Dispute Resolution Protocol: Applications in Field Science and Vice
  • An integrated framework for assessing the spatial and temporal components of driver stress
  • A network-based approach to modelling supply chain systems
  • Optimization of CAD-based metal arc welding process parameters for sheet metal components
  • Stigmergy-based control systems for multi-robot systems
  • Integration of learning classifier systems to improve the selection of distribution rules for production scheduling
  • Internet-based supply chain infrastructure for a virtual company: integrating information sharing and decision making
  • Distance Chain Analysis of Supply Chain Management for Constraint-Based Genetic Algorithms
    Use of ergonomic methods
  • Accuracy analysis of decision processes
  • Application of DEA to evaluate the performance of the Dominican Republic public school district Using ergonomic methods in an engineering environment
  • A resource consumption model (RCM) for process design
  • Integrated machining cost calculations for process planning in CAD / CAM.
  • Dependency analysis in constraint-based design
  • A comparative study of the effect of two types of intraocular lens implants on the driving abilities of the elderly
  • Simultaneous engineering evaluation and optimization process
  • Post-diffusion neural network for planning and controlling the machining process
  • Evaluation of input devices for human-computer interaction: Amendment of Fitz’s law for fast-moving motion
  • Sequencing attribute features in a feature-based environment using genetic algorithms.

Download sample dissertation of Master of Industrial Engineering

Many industrial engineering students are looking to download master’s theses in industrial engineering.

Use the link below to download sample dissertations.

The Caspian Institute recommends that you do not use sample dissertations for copying.

This link is only to acquaint you with successful examples for modelling. Copying is prohibited.

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