Bachelor Thesis in Industrial Engineering

Writing industrial engineering dissertation
Writing industrial engineering dissertation
Industrial engineering thesis

B.Sc. Thesis in Industrial Engineering: It is one of the important academic disciplines in the field of basic sciences of industrial engineering.

Industrial engineering students enter the university after passing the entrance exam in mathematics and continue their studies.

Topics in this field are often related to up-to-date industrial issues and challenges.

Industrial students must submit their undergraduate projects after completing their theoretical courses at the end of their semesters.

Services of the Caspian Institute in the bachelor’s thesis of industrial engineering

Undergraduate students of industrial engineering can submit their research projects to the Caspian Institute.

The most important services of the institute are in the form of the following:

  • Provide specialized topics in order to do undergraduate dissertations in industry
  • Writing specialized proposals based on selected designs
  • Consulting and writing a general chapter of the research based on the proposed plan
  • Chapter 2 and theoretical foundations related to research design
  • Research methodology and presentation of research method
  • Perform data and information analysis based on up-to-date industrial engineering software
  • Conclusion and provide specialized suggestions based on the results of the research
  • Implementation of research projects in different industries in different provinces
    Analytical software

The most important analytical software that we use in conducting research includes the following:


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