statistical analysis

statistical analysis

What is statistical analysis?

Statistical analysis has played an essential role in various sciences from the past to the present, the first applications of which are taxes and property taxes.

Later in the Renaissance, the science of statistics was used in a new way and much attention was paid to inferential statistics.

In today’s world, statistics and statistics are very prosperous. Most graduates have read statistics at least once and are required to analyze the data using statistical methods.

Statistical services of Caspian Group

Caspian Group has provided a variety of statistical analysis services based on the needs of masters and doctoral students.

This group uses the following software as the main tools in its statistical analysis to do the dissertation:


Doing chapter four of the dissertation

Therefore, one of the main services of the Caspian Institute is to provide statistical analysis of Chapter Four of the dissertation.

You can receive our software analysis services based on the desired celebration method.

Statistical analysis of doctoral dissertation

One of our most important services in the Caspian Group is the analysis of data related to doctoral students’ dissertations.

So you can use our expert advice to leave the analysis of the fourth chapter of your research project to us.

Methods of data analysis in the Caspian Group

Caspian Analysis Group also uses several methods to examine the data, including:

structural equation modelling
Inferential analysis
Descriptive analysis
Mean analysis
Types of regression analysis
Data analysis and data mining and machine learning
Time series analysis
Qualitative and quantitative analysis and …
machine learning
Deep learning
Data analysis
Big data
Hierarchical analysis

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