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What is a dissertation?

Are many students confused about starting a university dissertation activity?

What is a dissertation and how is a dissertation used in industry?

Consulting, writing and teaching master’s and doctoral dissertations

In line with its goals, the Caspian Institute has provided specialized services in the field of dissertations and scientific and research articles.

With many years of experience in the field of dissertations, consulting training and writing, this institute has always tried to provide the best services to students.

Institute services:
Thesis topic:

One of the most important parts of a dissertation is choosing the right topic.

It has often happened that students have trouble choosing the topic of their dissertation.

Therefore, in this section, there is a guide for students to choose the topic of their dissertation.

Caspian Institute can present the latest dissertation topics to students.

Doing a master’s thesis:

One of the important fields of the Caspian Institute in the field of master’s thesis.

After completing the theoretical course, various majors in the master’s degree will offer a postgraduate dissertation.

In this section, esteemed students can benefit from the services of our institute in doing their master’s thesis.

Doing doctoral dissertation:

phd dissertation
PhD dissertation

In the field of postgraduate education, the Caspian Institute is ready to provide services in the field of doctoral dissertations.

In this regard, conducting all quantitative and qualitative research based on the needs of students is one of the important goals of the institute.

You can benefit from our services by contacting your facilitator directly during your doctoral dissertation.

To get more information in the field of PhD dissertation, you can click on the following link:

Doing a doctoral dissertation

Advice and dissertation in the following fields:
Consulting and doing the dissertation on managing all trends

One of the important fields of work of Caspian Company is in the field of management dissertation in all fields.

In fact, in this section, to better implement academic dissertations, we have selected the best specialists related to the dissertation for you.

In this regard, doing the dissertation in the following trends has been explained as the most important goals of this company:





human resources

Conflict Management

financial department


Information Technology

Consulting and doing an economics dissertation for all majors

The field of economics is presented in the field of theoretical foundations related to economic topics.

In fact, in this field, which studies consumer behaviour from an economic point of view in theoretical and practical fields, important economic currents are examined.

Today, economics is the basis for important decisions in the country.

In this regard, esteemed students of economics at the master’s and doctoral levels are always involved in these important issues in this field.

Caspian Company strives to provide the best services in the field of master’s and doctoral dissertations in the field of economics to its esteemed students with its specialists.

For more information about this field and how to cooperate with us, click on the following link:

Economics dissertation services

Consulting and implementation of accounting dissertations for all majors

Accounting is one of the most important and popular fields in Iranian universities.

One of the most important disciplines that will have a great impact on the future of Iranian businesses is accounting.

Students with a background in mathematics can usually succeed in this field.

After entering graduate school, students must determine the appropriate accounting subject for their accounting dissertation.

These issues can be defined in different contexts of assets, liabilities, stock exchanges, etc.

Caspian Company strives to provide its best services in the field of accounting dissertations to esteemed students. These services can be seen in the accounting section of the site. Dear students, by clicking on the following link, you can enter the accounting and special services section of the site in this section:

Accounting dissertation services

Consulting and doing urban planning dissertation for all majors

The field of urban planning is offered in different orientations at the master and doctoral levels.

Topics in urban planning are often presented in areas related to urban planning.

Caspian Institute is ready to provide services to esteemed students by using its special experiences in the field of urban planning and geography with various software:

Urban planning dissertation services

Counselling and doing psychology dissertations for all majors

Psychology has always been an important science in the field of human resources.

Accurate knowledge of man and his needs, from Maslow’s pyramid to Skinner’s experiments and modern schools of psychology, has always been important.

Students in this field at the master’s and doctoral levels also choose interesting subjects in the field of psychology.

The Caspian Institute strives to provide the best services for psychological dissertations by using the best counsellors in the field of psychology.

By clicking on the following link, you can read the services of our institute and get in touch with us:

Psychology dissertation services

Educational levels of the institute

Caspian Institute provides services at all levels of education:

Undergraduate theses
Master Theses
Doctoral dissertations
Doing dissertation chapters

The Caspian Institute also works in the field of student dissertations in the following chapters:

Part of a dissertation (general research)

The second chapter of the dissertation (theoretical foundations and research background)

The third part of the dissertation (research methodology)

Chapter 4 Thesis (Data Analysis)

Part 5 of the dissertation (conclusions and suggestions)

In this part of the research, we conclude and analyze the results of the previous chapter.

This field is the product of all your work in the field of dissertation.

Suggestions and information analysis are the most important parts.

Research methods of the Caspian Institute

Caspian Institute uses the latest and most diverse research methods to provide its services:

A little
Qualitative analysis
Inferential evaluation
Descriptive Statistics
Structural Equation Modeling
Hierarchical analysis
Route statistics
Exploratory identification
Confirmation statistics
Artificial intelligence
Text mining
Time series analysis
Software provided by the institute:

How do we work?

In order to implement a proper dissertation, one must first understand the subject and motivation of the student.

In fact, we have to see what topic is suitable for choosing the topic based on the student’s interests as well as current world issues.

After this stage, by interacting with the student, the main stages of the dissertation are designed and then implemented.

Universities usually have their own formats that can be downloaded separately for each university format.

  After this step, we can Implement the main steps of a research

: Steps to do a student dissertation
Part One: Writing a Research Proposal
Step 2: Write the first chapter and the generalities of the research
Step 3: Writing the second chapter and the theoretical foundations of research
Step 4: Research methodology and preparation of research tools
Step 5: Conclusion and analysis of information
Part 6: Preparing to defend a dissertation, which is the most important part of a dissertation.
Continuous training

In line with its educational missions, the Caspian Institute has provided all stages of research in the form of ready-made files and direct training for its esteemed students through its experts.
In all stages of research, continuous consultation and training are provided by our experts.

Thesis steps

The stages of the dissertation are different at the master and doctoral levels.

But the main framework of these two levels is directly related to each other.

In general, the main stages of dissertation writing can be summarized as follows:

Select the topic of the dissertation based on the latest articles of the day
Write a proposal based on the article
Writing a research chapter
Writing a chapter on literature and theoretical foundations of research
Implementation of the research methodology chapter
Write a chapter on information analysis
Writing a chapter on conclusions and suggestions
Do zero to one hundred dissertations

One of the most important concerns of students is to do zero to one hundred dissertations.

The Caspian Institute has always tried to compile dissertations based on good communication logic.

A logic that can ultimately lead to purposeful execution and success in the dissertation defence session.

Therefore, the commitment of this collection is on this issue, and along with it, complete training in the stages of writing the dissertation is on the agenda.

All of our counsellors must fully provide the necessary training to students in order to be a strong defence.

Guaranteed dissertation

One of the missions of the Caspian Institute is to implement student dissertations on a guaranteed basis.

The reasons for guaranteeing the quality of our services are as follows:

Choose a topic based on the latest articles of the day

Research method based on the latest research methods

Select software based on the latest software in the world

Provide certification to ensure that topics are not copied

Therefore, there is no doubt about our precise services.

Contact us to place an order and execute student dissertations.

Also, to inquire about the price and cost of the master’s and doctoral dissertation, please contact us:


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