Writing sociology dissertation

Sociology Thesis

Writing sociology dissertations and articles

Sociology dissertation is one of the important fields of the university that is offered in bachelor’s, master and doctoral degrees in the country’s universities.

In this regard, the universities of Tehran, Allameh, Beheshti, Azad University, Tarbiat Modares and many other universities offer this field to students.

After completing their studies, sociology and master doctoral students must choose their dissertation topic, submit a dissertation and article, and defend their dissertation.

Thesis steps

In conducting a sociological dissertation, the subject of research should be specified. After confirming the research topic which is based on sociology topics in different orientations, students should submit their research proposal based on the research topic.

The steps for implementing the proposal are as follows:

The first part of the proposal includes the statement of the problem. In this section, the main research issue is stated.
In the second stage, the importance of the research topic is presented.
In the third part, the research methodology is presented based on the selected topic.
The research objectives section also states the sub-objectives and main objectives.
In the model section, if the model is presented, this section examines the relationships between variables.
Finally, the community and sampling method is presented and the research tool is expressed and based on this, the analysis method and software are proposed.
After the approval of the sociological proposal, the remaining chapters of the dissertation should be prepared. In this regard, the chapters of the management dissertation are in the form of the following:

Chapter One Generalities of Research
Chapter Two Theoretical Foundations
Chapter 3 Research Methodology
Chapter Four Information Analysis
Chapter Five Conclusions and Suggestions
Finally, based on all parts of the dissertation, you should prepare a PowerPoint presentation of the whole dissertation process and participate in the defense session.

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